What needs to happen for WKU to hit the No. 3 seed

26 02 2010

Ok, here’s the situation. 

If WKU loses on Saturday to FIU, the worst it can finish is the No. 5 seed in the tournament. But if WKU beats FIU, the worst it can finish is the No. 4 seed. 

Now for the complicated part.

Here’s what needs to happen in order for WKU to manage its way up to the No. 3 seed and catch a bye in the upcoming Sun Belt Tournament.

– WKU needs to beat FIU

– Middle Tennessee needs to beat Florida Atlantic

– Arkansas State needs to beat Troy

– North Texas needs to beat Louisiana-Monroe

This situation would create a three-way tie with Western Kentucky, Troy and Arkansas State for the No. 3 spot. WKU would then win that tie-breaker due to the Hilltoppers having a better win-loss percentage against the other two teams in the tie-break scenario. 

WKU is .750 in the pool, Arkansas State would be .333 and Troy would be .333 as well. 

This is the only scenario that would allow WKU a No. 3 seed. The three-way tie-breaker has to be with both Troy and Arkansas State. WKU would lose in the same scenario if UNT and MTSU were involved. 

For example: Say Troy beats ASU, and both MTSU and UNT lose while WKU wins on Saturday. That puts WKU, MTSU and UNT in a three-way tie-breaker. WKU is 0-3 in that pool. Make sense? I knew it would. 

Thanks to the media relations guys over at WKU for all the help with this one, as it’s been more than a little confusing.




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