WKU-UNO postgame quotes

7 03 2010

Ken McDonald

“That was a hard-fought game, very similar to our first game against New Orleans at our place. We had a really hard time shaking them because they came out very confident and aggressive. I thought they did a very good job offensively making it tough for us and hitting some shots. In the second half we were able to get some separation because of our defense and we screened very well to get some open looks for Serge and A.J. that loosened those guys up.”

“It took a lot to get rid of them, that’s credit to New Orleans. … We weren’t picking up defense real well we weren’t passing the ball as well as we needed to in the first half. It did take us a while to shake them and get clicking, I wish we’d got clicking a little earlier and got some guys some more rest but the second unit came in and did a great job.”

“The one guy that was really locked in early I thought was (Anthony) Sally. I thought he did a terrific job, especially on the defensive end. That was a big game and he set the tone, no question, he changed the game with his defense and when we broke it open it was a lot because of his aggressiveness on the defensive end.”

“We just want to get the win and move on. I told the guys to put a one up after the game, it’s one game down and all we’ve got is one left. That’s how we have to act. We have to have that sense of urgency, we have to understand that everything we want is right in front of us if we just take care of one game (at a time.)”

“Before the game I said ‘you’ve got five starters that have all been here, that have all won a ring.’ I told everybody else that they knew what it was about, they’ve done this before and you’ve got to follow their lead. If you’re coming off the bench and haven’t done this before, you’ve got to follow their lead. And they all came in and did something good, all the new guys. Cliff (Dixon) started a little shaky but came back and did some good things. I thought (Milosevic) was really good, Jamal (Crook) was trying, Jordan Swing came in and did what he does, (Jameson Tipping) was trying – it was huge because we’re going to need them at some point if we make a run.”

A.J. Slaughter

            “(At halftime) we talked about the position we were in, up six in kind of the same situation as before. We wanted to come out those first four minutes of the second half and get a cushion, and we did it with our defense.”

            “We’ve been motivated all year with a  chip on our shoulder and we want to make a statement every game to all the league that we’re still the defending champs – and we want to come out every night and play like it.”

            “(UNO) came out and played hard, it took us a while to shake them – but everybody plays hard at this time of year, nobody wants to go home.”

            “It was great to see Sally play well today, when he plays well he’s a real big factor for our team and he makes our team a lot better when he’s doing that.”

Sergio Kerusch

            “It’s nice to have (the first game) out of the way, but this has to be a short-lived victory. We’ve got to get ready to move on to the next challenge.”

            “Shots started falling, we started moving the ball better, trying to get good shots and we attacked the boards better. We drove the ball better and created – and we just started playing better as a team and we came together in the second half.”

            “(The auxiliary gym) was different, but we had a great crowd supporting us. It just really made us feel at home.”

            “We’ve been here before, we know how this goes. The new guys are coming on strong, and (Sunday’s) game is going to be a game of heart. The team that wants to win this thing the most is going to win it. We’re rolling with the punches.”




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