WKU-Troy postgame quotes

9 03 2010

WKU coach Ken McDonald       

     “It was a tale of two halves for us, our defensive intensity and rebounding wasn’t there in the first half and we dug a pretty good hole,” WKU coach Ken McDonald said. “We put ourselves in position to win the game in the second half, but just couldn’t finish it out.

            “To start the game, you never want to give a team confidence – you can’t give a team like Troy confidence, they’re not lacking that to begin with. When we did defend, we didn’t rebound and that hurt us – that was the tale of the first half, not enough defensive intensity.

            “The second half, I thought we did some good things – we got much more aggressive driving the ball, but we took too many 3’s in the first half and we just settled instead of driving the ball. I didn’t think their zone was very aggressive, we just kept turning it over.”

            “I don’t think we ran out of gas, I think we didn’t execute toward the end. We lost some aggressiveness, we got away from what was being good to us.”

        “We call it settling. Settling for a good shot when you can get a great shot – and when you’re missing, sooner or later you’ve got to work to get inside and we didn’t execute that in the first half or the second half to be honest.”

            “I don’t think we relaxed, we just didn’t execute. I wouldn’t say we panicked, but we took some shots that were tough shots and at that point you really want to get in the lane and try to at least get fouled – we settled for a 3-pointer and a tough fade-away shot and when it’s winning time, you can’t settle for those types of shots.

            “We played our hearts out (in the second half), that says a lot about these guys.”

            “There’s a lot of ifs and buts and stuff – but they made some plays when we didn’t.”

            “Expectations are always high at WKU and we embrace that. We’ve got a great class coming in that we’re very excited about and now it’s time to work on development and make sure we have a good spring getting better as players and getting stronger.

            “We’ve got a big crew of guys coming in that will have to get ready to meet the expectations and standards that we have. It’s an exciting time, some of these guys that are graduating are going to go on and do great things.”

            “It’s time for freshmen to be sophomores, sophomores into juniors, juniors into seniors and incoming players ready to make an impact.”

            “This is a tough day if you’re part of our program, no question. As a coaching staff, as a team and from a fan’s standpoint – this is a tough day, but we will be back.

            “I’ll guarantee you that.”

            “We have a good basketball team, and we have certain expectations from the start of the season. We put that out there and on ourselves, and things didn’t go as we scripted it – you have to make it go our way and there were times this year we didn’t do that.

            “If we play a good basketball game (tonight) and play hard for 40 minutes, we’d still be playing. At times this year we did not play hard, but we really turned it around. It’s a true testament to the players and the coaching staff that we turned it around.”

            “We hit some tough stretches for WKU basketball and everybody knows that. But we were able to come out and get it turned around, play with pride play with passion and I couldn’t be more proud of how we finished the season – obviously other than this game.

            “The guys put it out there, and that’s all you could ask for.”

            “Moving forward, there is some disappointment. But we finished at a high level and got it turned around and we got the fans excited about watching this team again – we definitely changed that.”

WKU senior A.J. Slaughter

            “We just dug ourselves too big a hole,” WKU senior A.J. Slaughter said. “We gave up too many easy shots, we weren’t boxing out and they got a big lead and it took a lot just to fight back.”

            “A lot of it was execution stuff, some miscommunication, we just weren’t doing what we were supposed to do. We just weren’t executing.”

            “It’s been a great year for us. It’s been up and down, but the biggest thing I look at is that we kept fighting. We stuck together and we fought through those hard times, we stuck together and stayed as a brotherhood.

            “When our backs were against the wall, we always fought.”

            “It’s very disappointing, it hurts. Everyone in that locker room is hurting – we wanted a championship.

            “But sometimes things just happen for a reason.”

 WKU junior forward Sergio Kerusch

            “We made it a ballgame, we put ourselves in position to win. We just couldn’t pull it out this time.”

            “Delk hit a crazy shot. We played our hearts out in the second half – you saw a team lay it out there, but the end result was that we just couldn’t pull it out this time.”




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