WKU football: Consistency, false starts and the need for Jack Bauer

6 04 2010

Just got back from this morning’s practice. 

Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggart said that today was, for all intents and purposes, dominated by the defensive side of the ball – a nice rebound by that group after a rough second half of Saturday’s scrimmage. 

Taggart expressed his displeasure with the offense, saying that he felt the group took a step back overall today. 

“The defense basically dominated practice today, some guys came out with a purpose, they were challenged and they took advantage,” Taggart said. “Offensively, some of the little things we were doing wrong the first week we started doing again, and I put that on coaching – we need to coach them up better.

“It wasn’t good enough today.”

Taggart said the biggest ‘little thing’ that’s been a problem thus far has been mental errors – especially offside penalties on offense.

“If you jump offside in a game, it costs you a game. You jump off in practice and it costs you reps. No one wins. To me, that’s selfish. Because you’re not locked in and you’re not focused. It’s about the team, so I’m going to be locked in and focused for my teammates so that stuff doesn’t happen. I try to remind these guys about some games they could have won last year (if not for penalties like that), we can’t be about that anymore. We took a step back today when it came to that, and that was upsetting.”

Taggart said it will be a process to solve the ‘little things’ issue – but one he plans on seeing through.

“It’ll be a process, they’ve been doing some of those things for a while now and we’ve got to get them out of that,” Taggart said. “We’ve got to demand excellence from them and not just let them get by with anything. Eventually they’ll get out of (those habits), and I’m going to see to it. And I’ll do it the best way I know how, and that’s to not let those guys get in there. If a guy’s consistently messing up, he’s not going to play for us.”

In other news, Taggart also added today that he’s on a mission to find himself a ‘Jack Bauer’ for his football team. Taggart, of course, is referring to the fictional star of the popular TV show ’24,’ a show Taggart admits is one of his favorites. 

“Jack Bauer saves the world, baby, he makes everything right. Jack lays it all out on the line, he’s a team player. He goes out there at all costs. He do whatever it takes to save the world. Right now, Jack’s not even supposed to be there helping those guys on the show – but the president asked him to help, and he says he’ll be there. We need a couple Jack Bauers on this team – we need them. Jack’s the man. Jack’s a bad boy.”




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