McDonald on both signings today

15 04 2010

WKU coach Ken McDonald discussing the signing of both Ken Brown and Kahlil McDonald:

– “Well I think we’re very, very excited about the additions. Ken Brown is a true point that has incredible quickness, has a lot of energy and confidence coming in at the point guard position, can score a little bit and really create shots for others. He plays with a great tempo, can defend and has a great motor and doesn’t really get tired. I like his attitude, he’s a very confident kid, he’s been tested and he’s been around a little bit.

“Kahlil McDonald is a very versatile scorer, has put up some good numbers in a very good JUCO basketball league and I don’t even think he’s scratched the surface, he’s got a lot of ability that he hasn’t even tapped into. He’s been in a situation where there has been a lot on his shoulders with not a whole lot around to help him, and I think when he gets into a system with some other players that can offset his scoring ability it will really help him. He can shoot, he can go off the dribble, play a couple different positions and I really like his versatility. Athletically, he’s going to make huge strides with our strength coach and he’s really going to grow within our program.”

“I think at times you saw us this year when we were good our guard play was really good, when we struggled, our guard play was up and down. There’s no question we have to be better defensively out front, we’ve got to push the ball better and have more depth to do that, we’ve got to score the ball and shoot the ball better. We struggled at times in finishing games, with basketball IQ and just pure athleticism at the guard spot – and I think we really addressed those needs.”

– On the possibility of both Brown and McDonald playing right away:

“That’s definitely going to be up to them and that was a big selling point. We had a lot of minutes leave the program back there with A.J. (Slaughter) and Anthony Sally leave and then we had Jameson (Tipping) leave as well, so there’s a lot of potential for these guys. They’re excited about it and they’re the kind of kids who know nothing is going to be given to them, they’re going to have to earn it and I think they’re both excited about getting out here in the summer session and being part of something that could be a very special time in their lives.”

– On the roster now being basically full of players that McDonald himself has recruited

“It takes time and it takes more time than you want to develop your culture and get your system in place. You’d like it to happen immediately, and sometimes you think it’s happening a little quicker than it actually is. That’s part of it, you learn from that process and you learn that it does take time. I’m very excited about some of the competitive nature of the recruits we’re bringing in – that’s going to hopefully be the standard for our program and the culture that we create with Hilltopper basketball under this coaching staff. That’s important to me. It’s important to put a product on the floor that the fans are excited about, the administration is excited about and the student-body is excited about watching. It takes time to get to that point. Where we’re at right now – I’m pretty excited. There’s a chance for this team to do some things and develop into a good basketball team. Obviously we have to wait until these guys are in the program and in the system and they have to buy into the chemistry and the team concept – but I’m really excited that we got some more competitive kids and we’re going to have a more competitive environment.”

– On balancing out the roster with a pair of juniors

“You look at this year, we had Anthony Sally at the point as a senior and Jamal Crook as a freshman – they both had good moments, but I didn’t like the senior-freshman dynamic. If Sally wasn’t playing good, you had to go with a freshman and that comes with a patience aspect and it’s tough at a very crucial position. We’ve got some kids that are coming of age and growing up and maturing and we’ve got some kids coming in that are a little more mature and a little older and have been tested a little more. I like the direction we’re in and the situation we’re in right now.”

– On whether or not WKU is done recruiting for the 2010 class

“I think you never know, the program is always in a situation where it can’t get caught off guard. You always have to be ready, we’re constantly recruiting and I guess that’s the most I could say. Obviously there’s a big focal point on the (juniors in high school for 2011) right now, but you’re making sure you’re covered and you’re seeing what’s available. Our assistant coaches never stop doing their job – it’s year-round and it’s pretty relentless.”




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16 04 2010

Excellent coverage of all WKU sports! Thanks Nick!

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