White 22, Red 14 at the half

18 04 2010

A couple of first-half observations:

– As expected, WKU should really be a run-heavy football team this season – using the power game to set up the play pass and anything else down the field.

Along with Bobby Rainey, backups Keshawn Simpson and Braxston Miller really have shown an ability to get some tough yards when they have to, with all of them possessing the capability of ripping off 15-20 yard pickups.

This probably won’t be the most big-play of offenses, but if WKU is able to execute the way it likely wants to – it’ll be a group that can sustain drives consistently and run the clock with the ball on the ground.

– Willie McNeal has to be the surprise player of the spring at this point – the guy has shown an ability to catch passes in traffic, he fields punts, he has great vision for running after the catch and he has some burn to him that allows him to breakaway a little bit. 

A very nice surprise I’m sure for Taggart and company, who will likely be extremely thin at wideout. 

– Penalties haven’t been too big of an issue so far throughout the first half – we’ve had one false start, one illegal procedure and a couple of facemasks/chop blocks. 

But no holdings, no defensive offsides, no pass interference calls – really, not a whole lot of mental penalties that became a calling card for WKU last season. 

Taggart has worked a lot this spring to clean some of that stuff up, and so far, it doesn’t look too bad. 

– Defensively: The tackling still needs a ton of work, the pass coverage is still struggling and the overall athleticism defensively is still lacking.

Just further proof that I’d expect a great deal of the defensive incoming freshman to play right away when the get to campus next fall – especially if they’re athletic kids. 

First half stats:

White team:

Pelesasa: 6 of 9, 103 yards, TD

McNeal: 3 carries, 83 yards, TD

Rainey: six carries, 55 yards, TD

Red Team:

Bruce: 5 of 11, 138 yards TD

Simpson: 11 carries, 67 yards

Brooks: 1 rec, 66 yards, TD




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