Banner day for WKU baseball program

21 04 2010

I hate to say I told you so, but hey, I told you so.

I wrote a column in the Daily News earlier this season explaining how I wanted to introduce many of you to certain members of the most talented athletic team at Western Kentucky this season – the WKU baseball team.

I also encouraged you to come out and catch a glimpse while you still could.

And judging by the 6,000-plus in attendance on Tuesday at Bowling Green Ballpark to watch WKU demolish Kentucky by a 24-8 score – most of you listened.

For those of you that didn’t – well, shame on you. Because you missed what will surely go down as one of the more unique and special moments in WKU regular season athletic history.

Not just in baseball, but in all sports.

The game is also a testament to the job that WKU coach Chris Finwood has done in his short five-year tenure with the Hilltoppers. In that time, Finwood has turned a respectable program that competed for a Sun Belt Championships from time to time into a team that has set itself up to legitimately make a run in the NCAA Tournament each and every year.

But more than that, he’s turned it into a relatively hot ticket.

When Finwood landed at WKU in 2006, telling him he would have a chance to bring in 1,000 people for a baseball game would have likely made his head spin.

Nowadays, not only do the Hilltoppers approach the 1,000 mark just about every home weekend, but Tuesday’s 6,000-plus crowd was believed to be the largest group to ever watch a college baseball game in the state of Kentucky.

Pretty big strides.

So once again, I say to you – if you’d like to watch a WKU athletic squad that’s an NCAA Tournament-caliber team, with several players that hold pro potential and a coach that’s turning into a national name … then come out to Nick Denes Field.




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