McDonald on 2010 recruiting

23 04 2010

WKU men’s basketball coach Ken McDonald made a bit of a slip tonight at the annual team banquet, telling the fans in attendance that they should prep themselves for quite a turnover of new players next season.

McDonald said that including two transfers (Teeng Akol and Juan Patillo) and incoming recruits, WKU will welcome as many as eight new players next season.

Of course anyone who has been paying attention knows that including Akol and Patillo, WKU currently has seven players signed on for next year – including incoming freshmen Brandon Peters, Stephon Drane and Kene Anyigbo, along with JUCO transfers Ken Brown and Kahlil McDonald.

When asked whether or not the team plans on adding another player, McDonald smirked once again with the response of ‘you never know’ and informed everyone to ‘stay tuned.’

You stay tuned, I’ll stay tuned, and if and when anything happens – we’ll catch you up to speed.

– And on an unrelated note, I’ll be vacationing for the remainder of the weekend – so don’t be alarmed if there aren’t very many updates on the blog this weekend.

I’ll be back in action on Tuesday – and we’ll see you all then.




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