Ross Bjork begins his tenure at WKU

27 04 2010

How’s this for an interesting stat – for the next few days, anyway, there will be 121 athletic directors at 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

WKU being the only place that currently, technically, has a pair.

Incoming Western Kentucky athletic director Ross Bjork officially began his tenure at WKU on Monday after arriving in Bowling Green over the weekend – and has spent the bulk of his first 48 hours on the job working side by side with outgoing WKU AD Wood Selig (who will leave for Old Dominion in the coming days).

“Wood and I have kind of been joined at the hip since Monday morning,” Bjork said this afternoon. “He and I are sitting down with all the senior staff and coaches this week and I’m just really sort of absorbing and gathering information – it’s almost like an interview stage where I’m asking questions, people are asking me questions and I’m just learning through Wood how we operate here and that’s a pretty good way to transition.

“It’s exciting. The moment hit me right before (the introductory press conference) when (President Gary Ransdell) shook my hand and gave me a moment to myself, at that point it was like ‘Whoa, here we go, there’s no turning back.’ All the information that I’m gathering is just helping me understand the foundation that’s been put down here, all the challenges and everything that makes this institution so great. The last five or six years I’ve kind of formulated the vision and the plan and core values and it’s been in the works for a while and now I get to implement it in a place that’s so special and where people care and it just all adds to the excitement factor.”

Bjork and Selig will have a joint full-staff meeting with the athletic department on Thursday, at which point most folks involved will have a chance to bid adieu to Selig and say hello to Bjork.

Bjork said his first order of business will be to get to know his staff and co-workers before anything gets rolling. The same can be said for current and potential donors – as Bjork said he intends on heading out into the community (and around the state) to work on building relationships to get the fund-raising ball rolling.

I’ll have a full story on Bjork’s first couple days in office in Wednesday’s edition of the Daily News.




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