Jim McDaniels wants to be part of the WKU basketball program

13 05 2010

I spoke with former Hilltopper star Jim McDaniels this morning and he informed me that he has a great desire to be a part of the WKU basketball program once again, in any way shape or form.

McDaniels said that he has a meeting scheduled with coach Ken McDonald next week to discuss any possibility that there might be for McDaniels to become more active with the program and the players.

“I know I’d be a great addition to the program in any way I can be,” McDaniels said. “I’ve always supported coach Mac and anytime he’s ever asked me to do anything to help with the program, I’ve always been happy to do it.

“I just want to be a part of the program, whether it’s a special assistant or something like that, whatever it might be. Just something to allow me to help out. I feel like I still have something to give to this university, but I need an opportunity, and I’m burning to do it.”

McDaniels spoke of a desire to take on any role he can to help with current and future players and just to be a sort of hands-on member of the basketball program once again.

He said that he felt with his playing experience (both at WKU and professionally), his history as a Hilltopper (one of the program’s two all-time leading scorers and likely its greatest player of all time) and the fact that he still calls Bowling Green home could be a benefit to the WKU program should it choose to take advantage of it.




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