WKU football update

22 06 2010

Got a chance to catch up with Western Kentucky football coach Willie Taggart on Monday during the Toppers on Tour stop in Glasgow. 

Taggart said that the team’s summer workouts have been positive to this point – saying that the intense heat over the past few weeks has almost been a blessing in disguise for a team that had severe issues with its mental toughness during last year’s disaster-like 0-12 campaign. 

Miranda Pederson/Daily News
WKU coach Willie Taggart (right) instructs the wide receivers during a workout earlier this spring at Houchens-Smith Stadium.

The team officially cannot workout as a whole during the summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from going through the traditional workouts with the strength and conditioning staff. 

“When we had bad moments during the spring, it was because we were tired,” Taggart said. “When I look at tape from last year, a lot of those games were lost when they were tired. And some of the guys we have problems with as far as doing little things, the problems come when they’re tired.

“We want them to be in the best shape that they can be in and the heat makes it hard, but we need that heat right now – it’s good for them.”

Taggart said that new WKU strength and conditioning coordinator Duane Hall has been keeping the team on its toes thus far with the early-summer workouts.

“I’m starting to see guys leave the weight room and really look tired,” Taggart said. “That’s what I want to see, I don’t want to see them walking out smiling and ready to go play Playstation. I want them tired, ready to go home and rest and get ready for that next day.

“No matter what, we want them to be in shape. I want them to play six quarters, not four. Everybody else wants to go for four quarters, we want to go six. We haven’t won a ballgame, so we have to do extra.”

He said a big focus for players this summer will be to ‘take care of one another,’ as he said that far too often during this past spring the team would spend a lot of time looking directly to coaches and not really having an idea of who the leaders on the field exactly were. 

Taggart said he hopes some summer bonding during voluntary workouts will help that problem quite a bit before the team begins fall camp later this summer. 

He said he was also impressed with how much time the players are starting to spend inside the facility, both in the weight room and in the film room. 

I’ll have a full story later this week in the Daily News on exactly how summer No. 1 of the Willie Taggart era is going at WKU.




One response

23 06 2010

Get ’em Willie!!! We definitely need toughness, especially from the neck up! Thanks again for the updates Nick!

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