A.J. Slaughter to play for Pistons in Summer League

25 06 2010

Former Western Kentucky guard A.J. Slaughter told the Daily News this afternoon that he will play for the Detroit Pistons this summer during the NBA Summer League.

Slaughter, who was not drafted on Thursday during the NBA Draft, said that shortly after the draft ended he was contacted by the Pistons and asked to join their roster this summer. 

The Pistons’ Summer League schedule is slated to begin on July 9 in Las Vegas. 

Slaughter said he felt some disappointment on Thursday after not hearing his name called during the draft, but now that he’ll have a chance to showcase himself to a bevy of league scouts this summer – he says his spirits have been lifted a little.

“You’re not just playing for the team across your chest out there, you’re playing for the whole NBA,” Slaughter said. “You can always get seen by another team and maybe they’ll like you too, so either way, it’s a good situation.

“It hurt at first a little bit because you always want to get your name called – but now I’ve got a good opportunity to be a Detroit Piston once the season starts, so I kind of got over it quick.”

On a side note, Slaughter said he was extremely happy for former teammate and friend Jeremy Evans – who heard his name called with the 55th pick in Thursday’s draft.

Slaughter said he had randomly just got off the phone with Evans moments before the former WKU forward was selected by the Utah Jazz.

“That was crazy and great,” Slaughter said. “I had just got off the phone with him, we were talking about how it was down to the last couple picks and he was nervous and I told him I’d call him after the draft – and right when I hung up, the draft was on commercial and all of a sudden I saw ‘Jeremy Evans, Western Kentucky’ up there and everybody started screaming.

“That was crazy and I’m just really happy for him, I talked to him about an hour after that and it was great.”

I’ll have a full update on Slaughter in Saturday’s Daily News.




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