More info on Jordan Swing

1 07 2010

I spoke with Jordan Swing’s father Rick this morning about his son’s departure from the Western Kentucky men’s basketball team.

Rick Swing said that the decision to leave WKU was in fact made by his son – and no one else.

“It was completely Jordan’s decision,” Rick Swing said. “Not every program is perfect for every kid, and Jordan just felt down deep in his heart that he needed a fresh start some place.

“He wasn’t upset with anybody, this was his decision and the coaching staff really didn’t want to see him go – they felt like they had a good role for him this year. But I think Jordan felt in his heart that it was time to start over at a new place.”

Rick Swing said that Jordan Swing will now begin the process of finding a new home for next season, something that really isn’t a clear picture at this point.

“We’re in the process of figuring all that out,” Rick Swing said. “We’re not really sure right now, we’re looking at a lot of the schools that recruited Jordan during his senior year (of high school) – teams like Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, UAB and some others – and just kind of going back through the process again.”

In the end, Swing’s father said that his son did in fact enjoy his time at WKU – but felt that a change was needed.

“The people there were great,” Rick Swing said. “He loved the school itself, everyone in the academic department were wonderful folks, we got to know a lot of people in Bowling Green that became like a family – there were several families there that in a sense adopted us and all that was nothing but positive along the way.

“I think it just came down to more philosophy and opportunity. He felt like in his heart that those opportunities would be better somewhere else.”

For a full story on Swing’s departure, check Thursday’s Daily News.




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