WKU practice notes 8/12

12 08 2010

Just returned from a lightning-shortened Western Kentucky football practice.

The Hilltoppers had to call it an early day on the practice field roughly 40 minutes before their scheduled stoppage time due to an approaching lightning storm. But despite all that, WKU coach Willie Taggart said he was still quite pleased with the workout in general.

“We had a lot of energy today,” Taggart said. “We had more energy today than we have all week, and I want to keep seeing that.

“The defense was fired up today, let’s see if the offense can come back and jump on the defense tomorrow. We said at the start of practice that we wanted to attack it with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind – and they had it going there.”

Sunday will mark WKU’s first tw0-a-day workout of the season – and Friday will  be the Hilltoppers’ first time in full pads. Something Taggart is eagerly awaiting.

“I want a physical football team,” Taggart said. “I want to hear some pads cracking, I don’t want it to be a pillow fight out here – I want to hear them cracking all day.

“But they’ve still got to bring that energy – they’re trying to control those emotions, but we know they just want to go get after it. We’re not tackling (Friday), but we can work on our technique and prepare ourselves so when we do start tackling – we’ll be ready to roll.”

Injury updates

Much like it was during the spring, the amount of walking wounded so far this week is considerably less than it has been in the past.

Only a handful of players sat out this afternoon, and most of them – according to Taggart – were mostly due to various minor sickness and dehydration.

The only player that suffered any recent injury was true freshman cornerback Jerome Speights, who left Wednesday’s practice after a knee sprain. Speights spent today’s workout on the sideline with crutches. Even with that, however, Taggart didn’t seem overly concerned with the extent of his injury.

Other notables out today were true freshman defensive back Xavius Boyd, along with sophomore defensive end Quanterus Smith and junior defensive back John Garrett.

Rainey’s ready

Spent a bit of time chatting with WKU junior running back Bobby Rainey this afternoon, I’ll have a feature in Sunday’s Daily News on his goals for what could be quite a breakout year personally in 2010.

As far as little known facts are concerned, though, Rainey touched on some of his off the field hobbies – which happen to include tennis.

Rainey playfully went as far as saying that he had “a little Roger Federer” going with his personal tennis game despite the fact that “even though Roger isn’t doing so hot these days.”

Tough crowd.

Again, we’ll have a full story on Rainey the football player – not Rainey the next Wimbledon champion – in Sunday’s Daily News.




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