Final hoops scholarship for 2010-11

7 09 2010

Western Kentucky men’s basketball coach Ken McDonald said today that he does not anticipate using the final scholarship available for the 2010-11 season this year – that he likely will use it next season.

But just because he doesn’t anticipate it, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

“As always,” McDonald said. “You never know.”

Players on scholarship this season are seniors Steffphon Pettigrew, Cliff Dixon, Sergio Kerusch and Juan Pattillo. Juniors Kahlil McDonald and Ken Brown. Sophomore Jamal Crook, Caden Dickerson and Teeng Akol. Freshmen Brandon Peters, Kene Anyigbo and Stephon Drane.

McDonald added that at least one walk-on could be a possibility before the the season tips off as well.

“Walk-ons, we’re going to figure out here in the next few weeks,” McDonald said. “We have some preferred guys we know a little more than the average person in the student body. But we’ve got to do a lot of due-dilligence with compliance and physicals before any of that can take place. There are potentially going to be a couple guys, we’ll see.

“We did not use (one scholarship), so we’ve got an extra one for the following season … but you never know, you never know. I don’t (anticipate using it this year), but you never know.”




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