Taggart: Tuesday’s practice was ‘not a winning practice’

7 09 2010

Western Kentucky football coach Willie Taggart said that Tuesday’s practice in preparation for Saturday’s game at Kentucky was ‘an Ok’ practice but ‘not a winning practice.’

Taggart said that he had to take some time to remind his team Tuesday that moral victories aren’t something his program is interested in, and even though a few positives were taken from Saturday’s loss at Nebraska – it was still a loss, and should be treated as such.

“The overall tempo wasn’t where I wanted it to be,” Taggart said Tuesday. “I don’t know if guys were listening too much to people saying ‘Oh you guys did Ok and did some good things against Nebraska.’ We’re not happy with moral victories around here.

“We’re not going to settle. At the end of the day it was the same result, guys don’t need to be happy with pats on the back – they’ve got to go out and do something.”

Taggart said that not only did he remind his group of the ‘no moral victories’ stance Tuesday, but if need be, he’ll remind them every day from here on out.

“I’ll continue to remind them,” Taggart said. “We haven’t done anything yet. We’ve shown flashes, but flashes won’t win you a championship.”

Tackling ramped up

Taggart said that the team has increased the intensity of tackling activity in practice this week after having a poor defensive performance in last week’s 49-10 loss at Nebraska.

On Monday, Taggart said he was going to find players that wanted to tackle – on Tuesday, he began that process.

“We’re not longer just patting off people and laying back, we’re going to hit people and wrap them up – that’s how we’re going to practice,” Taggart said. “What we were doing was called ‘whiz’ where we’d just (tap) and run by guys, and that’s what we saw on Saturday – so we’re going to get back to wrapping people up and hitting.

“That’s what we want on Saturday.”

Randall Cobb impersonators

WKU used redshirt freshman receiver Jamarielle Brown on Tuesday as a scout team version of UK do-it-all man Randall Cobb, especially from a ‘wildcat’ formation standpoint.

Taggart said that Brown, and more specifically, former Mr. Football Antonio Andrews will do plenty of work this week to in an attempt simulate all the things Cobb can do on the field.

In Saturday’s season-opening win at Louisville, Cobb had four carries for 80 yards – including a 51-yard touchdown – went 1-for-1 for 19 yards through the air and caught two passes for 19 yards. He also returned two kicks for a total of 59 yards – one for 31 yards.

On Wednesday:

– Look for a feature in Wednesday’s Daily News on junior kicker Casey Tinius. The former Bowling Green High School soccer and football standout may be on the verge of breaking through as one of the Sun Belt’s better kickers. We’ll look at Tinius’ journey to this point and where he wants to go this season.




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