Indiana coach Bill Lynch talks David Elson

14 09 2010

Indiana football coach Bill Lynch spoke briefly Tuesday during the Big Ten Conference media call about former Western Kentucky head coach and current Indiana defensive quality control coach David Elson.

Lynch, who actually hails from the same neighborhood in Indianapolis as Elson, has connections with the former WKU coach that go back quite a long way.

“David and I had a long relationship, we kind of grew up in the same neighborhood, we played for the same grade school football team and I knew his family and had an older brother than played for me at Butler,” Lynch said Tuesday. “He was there about a month and then I left, so I never actively coached him. But I’ve known him a long time. ”

Elson – who declined an interview request from the Daily News on Sunday – said prior to the Indiana-WKU game in 2008 that both he and Lynch actually played for the same Catholic Youth Organization football team as kids – albeit at different times. He added at the time that he was also extremely happy for Lynch, who was then in his second season at IU.

“Coach Lynch is a Hoosier through and through, and I’m happy for him. I’m glad to see him have that job, but those are all really personal feelings and I’m really looking forward to when we don’t play them because we can go visit,” Elson said. “But for us right now, it’s about beating a BCS school and putting WKU football where we want it to be.”

Upon being fired midway through the 2009 season, his seventh at WKU, Elson eventually landed on his old friend’s staff at Indiana in a more administrative role for this season.

Something Lynch said he has been excited about.

“It was an opportunity for him to stay involved in the game and he’s certainly providing a service here and we’re glad to have him with us,” Lynch said. “He’s really done a lot of administrative type work for us.

“He’s helped us in a variety of ways administratively, it’s kind of a mutual thing. I’ve been through that myself. I was relieved duties at one time in my career and one thing you get an opportunity to do is to go visit other places and see how they’re doing.”




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