Taggart: WKU ‘not dwelling’ on losing skid

20 09 2010

Monday (Sept. 20) officially marks the two-calendar year anniversary of the Hilltoppers’ last football victory – when WKU opened the newly renovated Houchens-Smith Stadium on Sept. 20, 2008 with a 50-9 win over Murray State.

Since then, it’s been 23 straight losses.

And despite admitting that good news has been at a premium inside the WKU locker room over the last two years, first-year coach Willie Taggart stated once again Monday that any talk about losing streaks in his presence won’t be tolerated.

“We’re not focusing on that, the only time we hear about it is when you guys bring it up, it’s a different ball club,” Taggart said. “I wasn’t here for (most of that), you keep bringing up, streak, streak, the only streak we have right now is 0-3. I wasn’t part of that, a lot of these coaches weren’t a part of that, some of these players weren’t a part of that.

“We’re not dwelling on that. That’s not going to get us better, we’re trying to move forward and think about the things we can do to get out of that. It’s not going to make us better by dwelling on it, so we’re not talking about it.

“We’ve been playing some really darn good football teams and I thought our guys have responded well against those football teams. We’re not there yet, but we’re still coming.”

When asked about how similar WKU’s current situation is to what Stanford went through when Taggart arrived as an assistant coach in 2007, he’s continually said there are parallels.

But even with that, Taggart was quick to announced that the Cardinal didn’t go from a 1-11 club to a bowl team in a matter of hours.

“Out at Stanford, it took two full years to get out of that,” Taggart said. “It’s going to take time. We haven’t won in a while, we haven’t had a lot of good things, and then when we do, we find a way to make that bad. It’s hard to build that way. But it’s going to come.

“It’s not going to happen overnight and I know everybody wants it to, but it’s not. We have to keep staying the course and it will all work itself out. … We’re moving in the right direction. Our guys are competing. When I watched (them) on film last year, they didn’t do that. That’s a step in the right direction. We know where we are as a program. We’re not down. Some of you guys might think we are, but we’re not. Our goals are still there. There’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and I see it. We’re coming.”

Taggart’s still not interested in putting any time stamp on when exactly the streak will end, or how long it will take for things to ultimately turn the corner.

And if anyone sees that as a problem, he really doesn’t care about that either.

“There are better days ahead, our guys are starting to realize it, we’re getting better as a football team,” Taggart said. “I like that the expectations are high around here for us to win those ballgames, but the fact is, we’ve got to get better than what we’ve been.

“We’re going to do it how we want it done, not how anyone else wants it done. We’re going to do it how we want. And we’re going to keep coming. And you’re going to start seeing more players come along as they get more comfortable with our offense, and with our defense. … We’re starting to see guys get a little more comfortable, and we’re starting to see them show up a little bit more now.”




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