WKU football quick hits

7 10 2010

A couple things quickly on the Western Kentucky football front.

We had our final media sitdown of the week with WKU coach Willie Taggart in preparation for Saturday’s Sun Belt opener at Florida International.

I thought the most interesting comments from Taggart from Thursday’s sitdown was his response to being asked if he ever has any private outbreaks of frustration due to the team’s 0-4 start. Despite all the losing, Taggart’s continually maintained that the only thing he’s concerned with at this point is overall improvement.

Obviously he’d like to win, but here are his thoughts about my question of whether or not he takes a moment or two privately inside his car to vent his frustration:

““I understood when I took this job what I was getting myself into. Do I hate losing, heck yes. Do I like that we’ve lost the first four games? No. It’s miserable. But I understand it. We knew this wasn’t going to be easy. But we’re going to continue focusing on getting better, because if we do, it’s going to happen for us.

“From the outside, you don’t see improvement because we’re not winning. If we win, everyone sees it. But different guys are improving each week, and that’s exciting for a young football team. Everyone wants to win now. And, hey, I do, too. It’d be great – we win, and then it’s ‘hey, coach Taggart you’re the best thing since sliced bread.’

“But more than anything, I see the improvement and that’s why I don’t get emotionally hijacked or down on our team. I see it and I know it’s coming. And I think it’s going to come faster than most think. … It’s going to come. Focusing on the negative isn’t going to help. Focusing on the getting better and moving in the right direction is what we need.”

“I’m going to do a good job as a leader of keeping our team focused on (improving) and not just (putting everything) into winning (or losing), because we’re not going to get there that way. If it happened that way, I wouldn’t be here. We’re going to keep working and it’s going to come and then we’re going to keep coming.

“And we’re going to be happy around here. That’s why I walk around here in a good mood and stay fired up – because we’re going to get better.”

Injury update

Taggart also said Thursday that junior safety Mark Santoro is questionable for Saturday’s game with a lingering neck injury.

Santoro saw his streak of 19 straight starts snapped two weeks ago at South Florida due to the injury – which he suffered during the Hilltoppers’ home opening loss against Indiana on Sept. 18.




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