Final: FIU 28, WKU 21

9 10 2010

Here are some postgame quotes from coach Willie Taggart following the loss:

– On the play of quarterback Kawaun Jakes

“I didn’t think he played like he was capable, I thought he’d been improving, but today he took a step back. Some of those (incompletions) were easy throws, like pitch and catch and we didn’t complete them.

“We’ve got to be able to throw it to people and give them a chance to catch it and make plays.”

“We’ve got guys wide open, and we don’t throw it to them. It was very frustrating.”

– On whether he regretted not kicking a field goal at the end of the first half

“No. I wanted seven points and some big momentum at the half. Three points is fine, but I thought seven would have sparked us more.”

Taggart did however pin most of the mass confusion and poor clock management before the half on Jakes, saying that he needed to have more control of the situation.

“He wanted to change a play at the line and he wanted to run the play on first sound, and everyone thought he snapped it and we go offside (on the FIU two-yard line). That’s on the quarterback. Then we’ve got guys wide open, and we don’t throw it to them. The whole thing was very frustrating.”

– On the team’s overall lack of energy in the first half

“We weren’t locked in to what we had to do. We missed a lot of throws, we missed assignments up front and we missed a lot of tackles – that set us back.

“I’m proud that we fought back in the second half, but we’ve got to be able to play a full game and play focused.”

– On veteran players stepping up and making plays

“That’s a big part of it. We’ve got athletes and guys that can do it, and now they have to. Guys that have been around here a while need to step up and take ownership of this football team and not just ‘be here.’

“They’ve got to step up and make plays, because we won’t get where we want until they start doing that.”

– We’ll have full coverage of Saturday’s loss, WKU’s 25th straight, in Sunday’s Daily News.




4 responses

9 10 2010

Never gonna happen. Playing the same d-line every week, never gonna happen. Where are the sacks? Where are the sacks? Who is able to stop the running game? Why are some guys on the sideline waiting on a chance to play and never seeing the light of day? Young has been a play maker. I’m sure there are others on the sideline that can sack the quaterback. Come on DC!!! Put some guys in that can get to the quaterback. 24 game losing streak…will it ever end?

9 10 2010

I seem to recall we sacked USF’s QB. But yeah, I agree there’s a lack of inconsistency. We played better against Nebraska and South FL–even Indiana. What’d they do that week they were off? Practice for Halloween?

9 10 2010

I agree. Same guys making the same mistakes play others!! I have been posting on this site a few times and I will repeat it once again. Jakes is not the QB for us guys where wide open and he is missing them by a mile. Do we have a two minute offense? Have not seen it yet. If so why did we not work on it during the last 4 games? QB should have 3 plays and run those plays during the two mintue. This is D1 football not high school. I am sorry but play calling his bad.. There where so many times during the game FIU was playing with no safties and we are running. Throw the ball down the field!! Taggart and staff my opinion lost the game as much as the players did. Time managment was terriable. We can blame the players but I feel coaches need to look themselves in the mirror before pointing finger at players.

10 10 2010

WKU should have hired a more mature and experience head coach. FIU struggled badly and still won! Taggart is very immature, thinks more highly of himself than he should by always jokingly inserting himself into the game. He needs to stop grinning like a Cheshire cat and talking about “juice, all the time” This is not a Spike Lee movie, but Division I, not II football. There are players on that sideline who can play, but he refuses to use them because many aren’t his recruits. Grow up, be a man and take responsibility for these losses. Don’t blame (QB) Jakes when you put him there! The media needs to hold the coaching staff more accountable for losing. This coaching staff appears to be clueless, unable to coach its players up and making bad personnel choices. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind. Eventually you run out of excuses and players to blame. WKU should have won this game.

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