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19 10 2010

Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggart has said several times this season that his football team needs to focus only on what’s happening inside its own locker room – and not focus on anyone else’s outside opinion.

With the team’s 26-game losing streak still looming large over the program’s head, Taggart took that stance a step further after practice today.

“I understand how everyone feels, I feel that way. It’s never been like this for me, it’s odd for me being in Bowling Green and having it be this way. I welcome unlimited suggestions, but at the end of the day, whatever call I make is on me. You can give me all the suggestions you want, but at the end of the day, they hired Willie Taggart to be the head coach here – let me be the head coach. I don’t go to anyone else’s job and tell them how to do things – let me do this and let me lead. Let me lead this football team. I see our team getting better and I see the light at the end. I guarantee you this, you won’t see Willie Taggart get down – I might get upset, but I’m not going to get down because we’ll get there.

“I understand the situation that we’re in and I also understand that if you’re a true Hilltopper and you truly care about this football team, you won’t stray away – you’ll understand where we’re at and you’ll stick behind this football team. We’re all going to get out of this together and we’re all going to be together when we win and we’ll all be happy like a family. It’s hard, but for our kids, those guys have been through  more than anybody. They’re going through a whole new coaching staff and a whole new system and those kids are going through a lot right now that people don’t quite understand. But it’s human nature, and I tell our players that fans have high expectations for us – and that’s how it should be. It wasn’t like that when I was here, everyone was just happy with one or two wins – we’re not going to be that way at WKU, I want our fans to have those expectations and I want our players to have them also.

“I care dearly about this program and about this place, not just because I’m the head coach, but this place has done wonders for me. I took pride in coming back here to make it right for all the Hilltoppers, all our fans and everybody in this community. There’s no reason it can’t be. We’re just in a storm right now and we’ll get through. The man up above won’t give us anything we can’t handle. It’s building character for our football team, coaches, everybody. It’s putting us in a position that once we get rolling, we’ll be able to sustain it. … We’ve just got to get ‘King Kong’ off our backs. It’s not ‘Curious George,’ it’s King Kong. Once we get rid of him, we’ll be Ok.”




2 responses

19 10 2010

I agree with Coach Taggart let him coach. Coach Taggart is doing a Great Job.

21 10 2010

Coach Taggart,
You are a great coach, you have already proven this… And we are behind you 100%. I don’t think people understand how over qualified you are for the job and your recruiting ties… But it’s just going to take time bc nothing can be changed over night. And not to mention there are major changes since last yr and I cannot wait to see what happens next yr! Once the first W comes the pressure will be off; you and the team will be able to breathe again and be able to focus on other things! Good luck and God bless Coach Taggart. We will be there when the W’s start coming and they are definately going to come soon! GO TOPPS!!!

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