WKU 54, ULL 21 – Final

23 10 2010

Here are some postgame comments from the Hilltoppers’ streak-snapping victory this afternoon in Lafayette, La.

WKU coach Willie Taggart:

On being done with the 26-game losing streak:

“It’s been a long time coming,” Taggart said. “These last six games have been really hard, because the feeling around the community wasn’t good – so to finally get this, I’m just ready to get back to Bowling Green and see what the environment is like.

“Hopefully it’s the beginning of a new streak.”

“I’m so happy for the guys and especially the older ones that have been around here through it all,” a Gatorade soaked Taggart said following his first win as a college football head coach. “They finally got a chance to feel this. They can go out and say they’ve got a win. And I’m happy for our fans and everyone in the Bowling Green community.

“We can all smile now.”

On the play of quarterback Kawaun Jakes:

“I told him this morning that I had a dream last night that he would have the best game of his career,” Taggart said. “And he went out and did it. Each and every week he’s been getting better. Everyone was frustrated with him because of the losses, they don’t watch film and see what’s going on.

“He’s had to learn on the fly against some really good teams, but I saw it coming – and that’s why I stuck with him. He’s a special kid with a lot of talent and he’s going to have more games like that.”

WKU offensive lineman Preston King

On the streak ending:

“When that clock hit zero, we knew it was ours,” King said. “It just felt awesome.
“The streak’s over, but we’ve got a new one going now – and that’s what we’ll worry about.”

“It’s a big burden lifted off our shoulders,” King said. “It was one of those things you just didn’t want to talk about, because you’re always hearing it from everyone else.

“But now, it’s over. Now we’re worried about a winning streak.”

WKU quarterback Kawaun Jakes

On the end of the losing streak:

“I feel like a million bucks,” Jakes said. . “Everybody came out and wanted it, everybody played 110 percent – every down every play.

“It feels like someone just gave me a million bucks.”

On his play Saturday

“The word of the day was believe, and I believed in myself and my teammates,” Jakes said. “The offensive line was wonderful, receivers caught everything and I just had faith and kept working.

“The summer, the two-a-days, all the losses – it’s all worth it for this right here.”

WKU senior linebacker Chris Bullard

On finally moving on from the losing streak:

“We did it, we did it,” WKU senior linebacker Chris Bullard said. “Our word of the day was believe. We’ve been believing, we put it all together and dominated somebody.

“I’m just happy – happy I can share it with my 100 and some odd brothers in that locker room, and I love each and every one of them.”

On this week’s 24-hour rule and moving on to next week’s game against North Texas at hom:

“We might add four hours to it or so,”Bullard laughed. “But we’ll be ready to work come Monday. We said it after the game, this is No. 1 – but it’s the first of many.”


I’ll have full coverage of WKU’s historic victory in Sunday’s Daily News.




3 responses

23 10 2010

Congratulations Fellas! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

23 10 2010

Great “Team” win…….. Great win for those seniors and coaching staff…. A lot of hard work.. Hopefully it send a message to all of the recruits that WKU is going in the right direction.

24 10 2010

Destroy those UNT sobs!

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