Final: UNT 33, WKU 6

30 10 2010

Lance Dunbar goes over 200 yards and put in his third score of the day late – as WKU falls in what was without a doubt its most uninspired performance of the season.

We’ll have comments from Willie Taggart and company later.




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30 10 2010

This has gotten ridiculous! Coach Taggart needs to swallow his pride and make the change at QB that he should have made long ago. James is simply NOT the leader this team needs. Pelesasa is! He showed what be can do in the spring game and should be given a chance now….he couldn’t be worse, that’s for sure

30 10 2010

…Oops my phone changed Jakes to James, sorry!

30 10 2010

Team was very flat. Home game (Homecoming) and team looked not ready to play…I agree with Jakes but it is a team loss. All takes blame. Do need to give
Matt a chance.

31 10 2010

Hope yall read the postgame comments from Willie. I dont understand how some of our fans can still be calling for a QB change. This is the same player who went 18-22 in a huge win last week. Willie himself said this falls on the receivers. Anyone watching the game could tell the receivers weren’t into it. Kawaun looked frustrated every time he dropped back to pass the ball and judging by what Willie said that was for good reason.

And of course Pelesasa looked good in the spring game passing against our DB’s. I could complete 50% of my passes against those guys. Look, Willie gave Matt every chance he could to win the job and he couldn’t get it done so Kawaun is the man for the rest of this year, most likely next year and there’s a good chance he will be the year after that. He has the tools to be a very good QB, give him another full offseason with the coaching staff and i think he will become a very good QB for us moving into the future.

31 10 2010

QB? Why even bother?

31 10 2010

Jakes has ONE win in two seasons. He may have some of the tools but is lacking the biggest tool which is leadership. It was so obvious yesterday (and has been all season) that the team just lacks enthusiasm and leadership on the field. That is a huge part of the QB’s job – to inspire his teammates and Jakes just doesn’t for whatever reason. If he is QB again next season ….. well, it’ll be another like these last two, mark my words!

31 10 2010

As far as the loss-normal to have a let down after a huge win. Pelesea was never given a fair chance & as long as there is a QB from Taggart’s home state on that team he won’t. Jakes may or may not be the man, but it doesn’t matter. Taggart said he is the coach, let him coach. He is going to do or die with his Florida natives and his recruits/favorites and not make them compete for any position no matter how many miscues they make or how much he talks competition. Read his remarks about the recruits Stanford got stuck with, and the realization that any recruit that came from the Elson era (with whom he previously worked) he wishes he could rid himself of except there would be too few to field a team so he has to play some of them. That Merrick kid always could kick, but unfortuanately came to the wrong school at the wrong time like so many of Elson’s other solid recruits. The 6 a.m. practices was a knee-jerk and juvenile reaction meant to punish. If that doesn’t motivate them then what…& if it does..then what…will it happen over and over? In any event, losing just like winning is a part of the game. The team will suck it up and regroup. Its a new week & the team they play this week, fortunately is pretty unaccomplished this season and should present very few problems. Win #2 is on its way.

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