Ken McDonald postgame quotes

31 10 2010

Couple of snippets from WKU coach Ken McDonald following WKU’s exhibition win over Campbellsville

On Juan Pattillo’s play:

“He was trying to get the jitters out and I’m sure there are some. As you could see, he’s very quick and has a lot of God-given talent and he’s trying to figure out where to get things done and how.

“You see what happens when he plays with energy – I just want him to realize how good he can be at times. When he posts up, limits his dribbles and passes the ball.”

On Cliff Dixon’s play:

“I’m really proud of him, he’s come a long way. He’s got some work to do and he’ll make a mistake here and there but I told him before the game if we had a (small forward) that was a little better right now, he’d have started.

“I was really happy with his effort, he’s made a name and reputation with our staff for being consistent and playing hard.”

“He does some great things, he had a great pass in transition, had a 3-point play, he just has to be reeled in at times,” “I think he’s trying and he’s listening better than ever and he’s focused better than ever. He’s in touch more. And you talk about the jump that a junior college players make between their first and second year – I hope he’s making that jump and he’s off to a good start.”

On Brandon Peters getting the start Sunday:

“I thought Snap played excellent on both ends. He’s willing to get into a stance, challenge the ball, he’s active with his hands, he likes defense and he’s physical – he’s doing things at a high level and that’s why he’s on the starting team right now.

“He’s aggressive, he knows how to pass, he had a few chances to bring the house down with an alley oop if he was in the right place – but he’s always working and he’s always thinking.”

On Sergio Kerusch not starting:

“I don’t want you to read into it a whole lot,  I didn’t want Sergio to read into it a whole lot, I just said hey ‘I want you to handle this like a mature adult and a senior.’ There’s two ways he could’ve handled it, the right way or wrong way. Typical Serge, he said ‘Ok, just don’t leave me out more than five minutes.’ That’s him though. But he came in and tried, he was disappointing defensively – that’s where the lapses have been in practice, that’s why (he didn’t start).”

“As we build this you’re trying to get more and more guys playing in the black and understanding that the whole team needs to be ready to go. I think we’ve got about six guys that are really dialed in and ready for the level we’ll play against. Some of them have a ways to go with the expectations that we have.

“But as we get better, you’ll see more and more guys get into the lineup.”

On Ken Brown not getting into the game until the final minutes:
“He’s got a ways to go, to be honest. Ken Brown’s got a lot of energy, he just doesn’t quite know how to use it yet. The expectations here are a lot higher, especially for a point guard. Hopefully he gets the point and the message sooner than later and brings it at a higher level. I never worry about his energy, but you’ve got to try mentally and understand how to run a team – and that’s the stuff he needs to get better at.”

“There’s no shying away from the fact that we’re all adults, we’re trying to motivate people and you do it in different ways. I took Juan out once for not blocking out, you try different tactics and you hope they’re listening. But we’re not going to have what we did last year with attitude issues or any of that stuff. We’re going to correct that early and hope everybody buys in.”

On playing everyone on the bench Sunday:

“I’d like to play a lot of guys. You don’t want guys playing 35-plus minutes, I’d really love to keep it under 35 so that they can play on both ends of the floor. Over the last two years at times we struggled because we couldn’t give the max effort on both ends because our numbers really weren’t where we needed them to be. I really hope that can be a strength for us.”




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