WKU-St. Joe’s postgame comments

12 11 2010

Some comments from Western Kentucky coach Ken McDonald and players following the Hilltoppers’ 98-70 win at St. Joseph’s on Friday:

– McDonald on the team’s performance:

“I think to win on the road you have to have a certain swagger and a certain toughness, and we showed a lot of things tonight. We showed a lot of depth, we showed pretty good composure at times. We showed we were able to respond to some runs and do it in a great environment.”

“Everybody was part of it. After the game you could look at each guy and say ‘hey, you made a big impression.’ And that’s important

“I’m very pleased, but this is just one step – we’ve got a long way to go. We can do a lot of great things with this team and we’re really just scratching the surface. I’m pretty excited.”

– McDonald on playing 11 of his 12 dressed players before halftime

“At halftime I was really excited about that. We held the line and actually advanced it. That has to be the trademark of this year’s team, our depth.”

– McDonald on Sergio Kerusch’s play off the bench (McDonald opted not to start Kerusch due to a few recent poor practices):

“If he promises to do this every night (maybe we’ll keep him there. I’m proud of how he’s bounced back, he hasn’t been particularly good in practice – but when the lights come on, he plays at a high level.

“And he’s never shy.”

“It’s happened before. It’s funny, before the game I’m wondering what we’re going to get out of Sergio – and right before the tip I’m like ‘come on Serge,’ and I fully expect him to do a lot of the things he does. He’s a bit of an anomaly.

“That’s Serge. He’s an interesting personality and I love his spirit and how much he loves it when the lights come on. … You can’t read into the bench and the starting thing, that’s something where his feelings get hurt, but it’s not that big a deal.”

– Kerusch on the win:

“We had the most points on the road since 2001, 98 points is a good thing on the road against a high-caliber opponent. To come in here with a packed gym and do what we did, in the first game, it shows us that we have a lot to work on but that we’ve also came pretty far from where we started.”

– Kerusch on his play:

“I had a statement to make tonight. Expectations are high on this team, and I felt I had to come out and just give it my everything and really put it all on the court.

“My teammates were great … they saw that I had a hot hand and just gave me the ball. It was a team effort, and I just happened to be the hot guy.”

“Personally, I don’t like that bench too well. Hopefully I’ll be back in the starting lineup soon. If not, I have to do whatever it takes to make the team better.”

– Senior forward Juan Pattillo on the win:

“We had a good couple of practices lately and we knew coming into the game we were prepared. My hat’s off to St. Joe’s, they played a good game – but we played a better game.”




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