WKU 62, Hofstra 60 final

20 11 2010

Some postgame comments following WKU’s comeback 62-60 win over Hofstra on Friday:

WKU coach Ken McDonald:
“We’ve got heart. It’s great in a game like this to look and say ‘look what we can be when we put our mind to it.’”

“With our backs against the wall we showed a lot of heart and teamwork to get that thing done. We improved on some things tonight, we’ve still got a lot to work on and a long way to go, but we saw a lot of energy at the right time.”

“The guys stayed with it, they really did. Each guy had a lot of energy and you could just see it building from our bench and it was mostly our defense.
“We did a great job in the full court, we turned them over and it was just a total team effort. It took everybody.”

“We had a lot of energy on the defensive end and we finished it. I think we’ve got more shot-makers on this year’s team. Kahlil makes two huge shots, Caden’s playing really hard and makes a big shot. Juan will tell you that he can play better basketball, but he keeps his head down and has a great finish.
“We’re a work in progress and we’ve got a long way to go and we’re not anywhere near where we want to be in January by any means, but we’ve got heart.”

“In the half court game, that’s exactly what I would have done because we’re not a good zone team right now. In spurts when we move the ball and work together we can do well against it, but it’s taking too long to get into our offense and get the ball moving.
“Our passes were getting deflected way too much. Guys just have to use their instincts and play against a zone like that. As time went on I thought Juan and (Steffphon Pettigrew) got aggressive there and made some things happen.”

“When our defense is good it puts a lot less pressure on our offense. We didn’t rebound the ball well in the first half, a lot of them were tip-ins, we have to guard those better.
“If we’d rebounded better we could’ve gotten our break going and then not have to go against the zone.”

WKU senior forward Sergio Kerusch:
“Our bench outscored their bench. When Kahlil came in he gave us six right away, then Caden hits a big shot. … it was neat to see everybody buy in.
“This lets us know that when we put our minds to something, we can accomplish it. It lets us know that we have the capability and the talent to do it.”

“We knew the game wasn’t out of reach,” said Kerusch, who finished with nine points and six rebounds. “It took a total team effort, it was everybody that helped get this win.”

WKU senior forward Juan Pattillo:
“We showed a lot of poise. We did some good things on defense, our defensive intensity picked up and the whole team had more energy (in the last five minutes).
“We really felt like we could come back and win this game – and it worked out for us.”




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