Darrin Horn talks WKU game

26 11 2010

I had a chance to speak with former Western Kentucky coach and current South Carolina boss Darrin Horn this morning.

We spoke about how things are going with him at South Carolina in year three, what he expects from WKU on Saturday and how he expects to be received by the E.A. Diddle Arena crowd.

Here are the snippets:

On how the process of building his program at South Carolina is going as it enters year three:

“We’re excited about where things are and the direction that they’re headed, in some ways, even though it’s year three it feels like year one because we’ve had so much roster turnover. We’ve only got one guy that’s played more than one year in the SEC or for us so there’s a lot of youth, but a lot of talent also.

“But in terms of the direction we’re headed and talent level, we’re really excited about the direction that it’s headed.”

On whether or not some of the challenges at South Carolina were similar to those at Western Kentucky when he took the Hilltopper program over in 2003:

“I think anytime you try to build or put your stamp on something there are challenges that are similar. But different siutations above and beyond those challenges are different due to different situations.

“One thing about Western Kentucky is that there is a winning culture there, there’s a tradition, that’s something we’re tyring to build here.”

On if he’s had to do much basketball selling in a football-crazed state:

“I don’t think we’ve had to sell it as much as is is getting out developing relationships, getting in-state kids to come to the in-state school – that’s been more of a challnge than I thought it was. But we’ve sold out six times in two years, our arena seats 18,000 so there’s a strong interest. We’ve got a tremendous fanbase and the support has been great.”

On what he expects to see from WKU on Saturday:

“I’ve been really impressed with them. They’re extremely talented, very athletic and have great versatility. They’re a very dangerous team because of their athleticism, and anyone who can put 98 on the road against St. Joe’s is capable fo being very good.”

On his feelings about entering Diddle as a visitor for the first time:

“It’ll be different. It’ll be the first time I’ve been in that situation on the other side, but it is a great place to play college basketball and it’ll be a tremendous environment.

“We’re excited about it, I’ve got nothing but great memories and feelings about all of my time at Western Kentucky. There are a lot of great people there, it’ll be a great game in one of the best environments in the country – it’ll be exciting.”

On how he expects to be received from the Diddle crowd Saturday:

“I don’t really have any expectations, I imagine I’ll be focused in on the game at that point. But I would say that if their reception is the same way that I feel about them, then it’ll be good because I’ve got nothing but great memories and great feelings about my time there.”




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