Final – Troy 82, WKU 68

13 01 2011

Some postgame comments:

Ken McDonald

Is this rock bottom for your basketball team?

“Absolutely. “We didn’t see anything (surprising) it’s just execution for 40 minutes. You just hope that when you do hit rock bottom that you respond in a much more aggressive fashion with the heart, hustle and toughness we need to win.

“I really challenged the guys after the game to put a whole lot more heart and a whole lot more character out there than we’re putting out right now.”

“I couldn’t be more disappointed for our program, for our fanbase. We’re going to change this one way or the other.
“The guys that are going to play with heart and give hustle that we need to win are going to be on the court, bottom line from now on out.”

On what went wrong Thursday night:

“This is a game we should have come in and won. We didn’t respond defensively, we gave up too many offensive rebounds. Our mindset is just not there. We don’t have enough to keep our defensive mindset for a full game. We’ve done it in spurts, but not for a whole game.

“Every good Hilltopper team over the years has had a team that’s hustled on the defensive end. We’ve tried to push every button we can to get everyone to go.”

On why he removed the name’s off the back of the jerseys:

“You get the sense that we don’t play as a team. I want this group of guys to come together, bottom line. If we do that, we can be a winning basketball team.

“We’re not on the same page, and that has to change.”


WKU senior forward Steffphon Pettigrew:

“The way we’re playing, we don’t even deserve to have WKU on our jersey. This isn’t like WKU basketball. We’ve got to find it within ourselves to just come together and stop this.”

“Once we face adversity, we just all fall apart. We’ve got to find it within ourselves to put two halves together and come together as a team.”

“With all this talent, there has to be character that goes with it. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have character, you don’t have much.

“And we don’t have that right now.”


For more, see Friday’s Daily News




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