All hands on deck for WKU football

2 02 2011

As of 11 a.m. this morning, WKU football coach Willie Taggart has received letters of intent from 22 of his 26 verbal commitments.

Fort Lauderdale Dillard teammates Daerius Washington and Dwayne Montgomery will sign at any minute, the Daily News has confirmed. Three-star running back Marquis Sumler and three-star defensive back Champ Lewis are also set to sign momentarily according to the WKU Herald.

Meaning that all 26 verbals will have sent their letters in today.

With that said, barring any last-minute ranking adjustments or surprises, WKU should have the No. 1 ranked recruiting class in the Sun Belt for the 2011 season.

The list – one time time. three-star players Boe Brand (WR/Bradenton, Fla.), Mitchell Henry (TE/Elizabethtown), Champ Lewis (DB/Fort Myers, Fla.), Quartterrio Morgan (RB/Jonesboro, Ga.), Terran Williams (LB/Bradenton, Fla.), Eric Robinson-Berry (DB/Indianapolis), Daerius Washington (LB/Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), T.J. Smith (DE/Hazel Green, Ala.), Marquis Sumler (RB/Pensacola, Fla.), Cameron Brown (WR/Frisco, Texas) and Curtis Williams (OL/Hialeah, Fla.); two-star players Cliff Burns (OL/Roswell, N.M.), Tyler Higbee (TE/Clearwater, Fla.), Dimitri Johnson (DE/Dolton, Ill.), James Mauro (QB/Hurst, Texas), Devin Scott (TE/Indianapolis), Dyron Speight (QB/Bradenton, Fla.), Gavin Rocker (DL/Tyrone, Ga.), Dwayne Montgomery (OL/Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Tim Gorski (TE/Chicago), Jamichael Payne (DT/Auburn, Ala.), Delryn Wilson (OL/Tampa, Fla.), Lawrence Campbell (DE/Groveland, Fla.) and Bryan Shorter (DT/Phenix City, Ala.); and unranked players John Evans (RB/Sarasota, Fla.) and Darrell Williams (OL/Dublin, Ga.).




4 responses

2 02 2011

WKU with the number one ranked rivals recruiting class, what the heck are you smoking? More like #83 or lower, good grief!

2 02 2011

Pretty easy to recruit when you don’t have any players and can offer all of the incoming recruits a starting position. This program should never has made the move to FBS, what a joke!

3 02 2011

This guy’s trollin’… I hop? How can he not realize you’re talking about ranking in relationship to other conference teams. LOL.

3 02 2011

Hey Nick, I enjoy your blog-thanks! I think this is the 3rd consecutive year that WKU’S football recruiting class was ranked #1 in the Sunbelt. Can you check your records on that?

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