WKU announces Lance Guidry

4 02 2011

Western Kentucky officially announced former Miami-Ohio interim head coach Lance Guidry as its new defensive coordinator.

Guidry met with the media for the first time today, here are the highlights.


Taggart on why he chose Guidry:

“When we lost coach Bowen, I felt our defense needed someone with a lot of energy and was very enthusiastic and could motivate our guys and players. And like everyone else, I’ve seen his video on YouTube and was like ‘that’s what I’m looking for.’

“I saw that enthusiasm, and brought him down here and he didn’t let us down – it was a big-time interview.

“This will be the third defensive coordinator in three years for our guys and it was important to get someone in here that’s been through some adversity (like he was at Miami-Ohio). And was able to fight through it and become successful. For him to do what he did at Miami with everything that went on and keep those guys focused was important. Because that’s what we’re trying to do here.

“I’m a big believer from a defensive standpoint, the defense is going to play like the coordinator’s personality. Lance has a lot of energy, a lot of juice like we want and a little craziness out there, too. He brings that energy that we need on defense. It can’t be boring over there, that side of the ball is different and you need someone that’s different.

“It’ll be an easier transition now because we’ve got everyone else in tact as a staff. And the guys understand how we do things around here and how things are going to be done as long as Willie Taggart’s the head coach. That’s going to help with it. There will be some new learning with terms, but we’ll have good teachers out there to help with the transition.

“Any successful program is successful because of continuity and one of the first things we asked is whether or not he was looking at this as a pit stop. Because that’s not what we want. We want someone who really wanted to be here, and we felt like coach Guidry wanted to be here for the long haul.”

Guidry on why he chose WKU:

“It was a situation a lot like the one I just got out of where the program was trying to be rebuilt and trying to get back to the days of where it was before. I was the defensive coordinator at McNeese State back in 2002 when we lost the (1-AA) national championship against them.

“After the bowl game I didn’t know what my destiny was going to be at Miami, and I got a phone call from coach Taggart. Karl Maslowski worked for me at Miami and I knew he was here and I’d seen the facilities. And I knew last year they had a No. 1 class in the Sun Belt and of course they did it again – and this group is amazing. I’m really, really excited to be at a place where we feel like we’ve got a chance to win.

“The door was left open at Miami, but it was really closed. I got a phone call from coach Taggart and I felt really good.”

Guidry on his now infamous YouTube video prior to the GoDaddy.com Bowl:

“It’s really amazing how something can blow up like that, it’s got out of control. My son said ‘Daddy, that’s not even one of your top five speeches.’ But anyway, I’m really excited because I like where this program’s headed.

“You never know what the Lord’s plan is. I was going to follow (Mike Haywood) to Pitt and be a DB coach and triple my salary, then there was talk about applying for the head job at Miami – but that didn’t happen. Then there was Western Kentucky and it was just the right place for my family. My wife’s excited, my children are excited and that’s the most important thing for me.”

Guidry on what WKU will run this season:

“We’ll start off in a 4-3 and then match offenses from there. I know you can’t be too complex and you do what your guys can do. You start off in a 4-3 and work to your other packages because you’ll need them, too. I’ve learned over the years and as a young coach I tried to do everything – just growing up and learning as you go, sometimes more isn’t necessarily better. It all revolves back to playing assignment football and getting 11 guys to the football.

“I’m looking forward to it and you’ve got a good freshmen bunch coming in. Competition is the best thing that can happen, I don’t care if you’re a senior or freshman – the best guys will play and we’ll get better that way.

“The kids have to believe they can win. Coach is always talking about chasing greatness and winning every day. Once they start believing that, it’ll come. At Miami it was the same way, and when they started to believe, it steam rolled. The same thing can happen here.

“What you see with me is what you get. Very emotional, high strung, I coach really hard and when they make a play I’ll be more excited than they are. I’m excited to be here and I’m here for the long haul. I would have never left Louisiana if it weren’t for coach Haywood, I followed him to Miami and I was going to ride with him to Pittsburgh – but I got thrown off track and now I’m here.

“I’m not here looking for another job.”




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