MTSU 57, WKU 39 final

26 02 2011

Tops score one point in the final five-plus minutes of action.

More later.




One response

26 02 2011

please tell me why i even bother to keep tabs on this team. it is as if i check in each week thinking we will have a new coach and new promise. it is the same thing over and over. not one assist in the first half. WHAT A JOKE! SERGIO YOU CAN”T SHOOT!!!!!!! Team, Just shut it down and wait for next year. I am sure Mac-loser will turn it around starting next November, right????. I was at the South Alabama game when Caden had 18 in the first half and you couldn’t even figure out a play to let him get a shot in the second. LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE…let the wku fans at least have hope next year. Start building a new program now. Bjork, you think this is a stepping stone for you, not if you don’t do something about it. You are going to swirl down the toilet with KMAC if you dont make a move. Gary, it makes me sick that you let this go on. Have a set of **** and show you don’t stand for this kind of effort…oh wait, a little too late for that. WKU was on the brink and now swirls down the sink. What is the 3-6 year plan now?

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