WKU football practice notes

23 03 2011

The Hilltoppers were only able to get through about half of their on-field workout this evening due to lightning, but coach Willie Taggart said that the entire process ended up serving as a nice focus test for the group.

WKU wasn’t able to get any special team work in today, but overall, Taggart said the team got plenty of on-field stuff in given the circumstances.

“We didn’t have anybody moaning and complaining, which was good,” Taggart said. “We were able to get back out from the weather and get a lot done and get some stuff on film, and that was important because we got something out of it. We didn’t work on any special teams and we did more team stuff. We did all of our team stuff, no 7 on 7 though.

“It was a sudden change, just like in a football game. You have to be prepared for that, and it was good because guys came back out with more energy than they had when they first got out here today. From an energy standpoint, we were able to match what we had (Monday). Usually guys want to throw it in and get ready for the next day with a distraction like that, but they were ready to roll.”

– We were told today that junior receiver Marcus Vasquez will likely sit out the entire spring session as he continues to recover from the collarbone injury he suffered late last season. Vasquez has been on the field and has been as involved as he can be with the receivers in just about every drill through the first two days, which could prove important due to the fact that new OC Zach Azzanni is adding some new wrinkles to the wide receiver basics.

– Speaking of Azzanni, I’ll have a story in Thursday’s Daily News on him and new defensive coordinator Lance Guidry. Both seem to be pretty intense guys – as proved today by the fact that Azzanni ran the entire offense through extended conditioning drills due to mental breakdowns during practice.

As for Guidry, well, his voice is basically gone through the second day of spring practice – intense is probably too soft a word for him.

Both admitted that there’s a feeling out process going on right now between them and the players, but at the same time, both coaches are doing everything they can to make any changes in terminology and schemes basically invisible.

Guidry will have a few more new wrinkles than Azzanni, but said today that the end principles are still the same as they were with Clint Bowen – get to the football and get there fast.

With Azzanni, he’s working hand in hand with Taggart on the entire offensive scheme – which means that there are no overall schematic changes.

Again – I’ll have a full story on both of those guys Thursday.




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