REPORT: Anthony Hickey still considering WKU

27 04 2011

The LSU Rivals folks spoke with Kentucky Mr. Basketball Anthony Hickey – a Christian County senior – after his recent recruiting visit to LSU, and in the story, say that Hickey will choose from three schools when he announces his decision on May 3.

Those schools, per the report, LSU, South Carolina and WKU.

Reports earlier this spring had indicated that WKU was perhaps off Hickey’s radar, but now, it seems that may not be the case.

Stay tuned.

Read the free Rivals article HERE




4 responses

27 04 2011

He’s not. And hes not considering south carolina either, the lsu rivals writer flupped his list

27 04 2011

–Most think if butler can fit in a visit (they just offered) that where hell go

27 04 2011

It has become impossible to know what is going on in Hickey land. I would not put a lot of stock in wku being included in his final three. Less than two weeks ago, Coach Stovall said South Carolina was no longer in play and cited their signing of a JUCO point guard. The coach also said that Butler had not been involved. Butler only has a scholarship if Shelvin Mack goes the distance with the NBA draft. That being said, it was recently reported that they contacted Remy Abell after he left the Bradely committment. Hickey’s ONLY official trip was to LSU. He did not go or have plans in place to go visit South Carolina but now puts them BACK into the picture ? He could just as cavalierly be putting us into his final three, If keeping people on their toes and manipulating people with misdirection are qualities of a good point guard, Mr. Hickey could be an All American.

27 04 2011
Nick Baumgardner

Can’t argue with Carl’s analysis!

Also, love the s/n Xanadu.

I think as we all know, 90 percent of a lot of this stuff is smoke and mirrors until a kid signs an LOI. Bottom line.

Just thought I’d pass on the link.


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