WKU odds and ends

15 06 2011

First a quick baseball update.

I spoke with Hilltopper coach Chris Finwood this afternoon, and he said that junior shortstop Logan Robbins has not yet signed a major league contract with the Atlanta Braves (who drafted him in the 10th round) and that as of now, the two sides are really not close on any type of deal.

Finwood said that Robbins has felt a little undervalued by the offer the Braves have given him, and he wouldn’t be shocked at this point if the junior from Owensboro returns to WKU for his senior season.

At first, Finwood almost fully expected Robbins to sign – but as of now, it appears there’s still quite a bit of hope from the WKU camp that their best defensive infielder will return next season.

Other WKU players that were drafted that have signed so far are juniors Kes Carter (Tampa Bay) and Phil Wetherell (New York Yankees). And seniors Matt Rice (Tampa Bay) and Chris Bullard (Atlanta). Senior pitcher Brian Edelen signed a free agent contract with the Kansas City Royals.

Junior outfielder Ryan Hutchison, a 49th round pick of the San Diego Padres, has not signed.

As for WKU’s two signees that were drafted – JUCO RHP Jerad Eickhoff and high school RHP Matt Spalding – Finwood said that neither has yet signed a contract.

Eickhoff has received an offer from the team that chose him in the 15th round, the Texas Rangers, but is still heavily mulling both signing and heading to WKU – Finwood said. Spalding is still pitching in the KHSAA State Baseball Tournament, and has yet to receive any formal offer from the Boston Red Sox (who chose him in the 29th round). Finwood said the staff is liking its chances of having Spalding in uniform next season, and said that once he’s finished with the state tournament, the Hilltopper staff will ask him to shut his arm down for a bit to get some rest for next year.

Neither player has made an official decision yet – and as is the case with Robbins, Finwood said he expects all decisions to be made by around July 1.

On the basketball front, I’d received a few questions recently about whether or not WKU commit O’Karo Akamune (JUCO small forward) had arrived on campus yet and why the school hasn’t announced him as a member of the squad just yet.

A source told me over the weekend that Akamune was expected to be on campus early this week. The staff can’t actually say anything about him until he begins taking classes, which may not take place until July.

For what it’s worth, Akamune is currently in WKU’s student directory.

Again, to clear anything up, this is as done a deal as it gets – Akamune will be in school at some point this summer (he’s apparently a fantastic student, for what it’s worth – and chose the JUCO route to improve his hoops skills), and will be in uniform next season.




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