Steffphon Pettigrew to work out for the Grizzlies on Friday

16 06 2011

I spoke with former Western Kentucky forward Steffphon Pettigrew this afternoon, who said that he’s currently in Memphis preparing for a workout for the Grizzlies in the morning.

Since graduating from WKU earlier this spring, Pettigrew said he’s hired an agent (Oliver Macklin) and been working out at home in Elizabethtown with hopes of landing a spot in the NBA Draft, or possibly a rookie free agent contract following the draft.

Pettigrew also said that if the NBA doesn’t pan out, he’ll pursue a pro career overseas.

Currently, he’s planning on working out for NBA squads as a guard/wing prospect.

A few comments:

“My agent says a couple teams are interested in working me out, or getting me in a camp with a few teams. We’ve been talking with the Wizards and the Knicks – but the Knicks don’t have a second round pick right now, so I’m not sure about that. … I’m excited. This is a dream. Everything I’ve worked for builds up to something like this. There are nerves, but all I can do is leave it all out on the court like I’ve always done and see what happens.

“If the NBA doesn’t work out, I’ll go overseas and see what happens for a few years. But I’m excited to see where I’m at (Friday).”

On having to once again overcome the stigma of being undersized, or a “tweener”

“That’s all stuff I faced coming out of high school. People doubted me, but the more doubt I hear, the stronger I get. I always try to use that to my advantage – and there are people that doubt me know whether or not I can play the guard position. All I can say to them is that I never had the opportunity to play the guard spot in college, but I’ve been working on it and working to take everything to another level.”

On if he’s had any advice from former Hilltoppers that have made gone through the NBA process before

“I talked to Jeremy (Evans) two days ago, and he told me just to go out there and be the guy I’ve always been. He was really encouraging and just said to go all out, work hard and show them how badly I want this.”




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