WKU Board of Regents approves Ken McDonald’s revised contract

29 07 2011

The Western Kentucky Board of Regents officially approved men’s basketball coach Ken McDonald’s new revised contract today during its third quarterly meeting inside the Mass Media and Technology Hall on campus.

In addition, the regents OK’d a one-year extension for women’s basketball coach Mary Taylor Cowles and the new employment contract of baseball coach Matt Myers.

McDonald’s contract, which was revised in March and included a $100,000 pay decrease, has been basically official for some time now.

But with Friday’s final stamp of approval, WKU athletic director Ross Bjork said that the program can now officially turn the page toward the 2011-12 season.

“I’m glad this is over,” Bjork told the Daily News. “This stuff weighs you down and you have to go through all the formality of the approval process and then that becomes public. And that’s fine, it’s the world we live in. But really, you want to just get to work, buckle down, get them back to recruiting, coaching and focusing on academics.

“I’m excited about both our men’s and women’s teams. We have good kids. We have a strong senior class on the women’s side with some young ladies that are very talented. On the men’s side, you have all that new, positive energy with good character kids. I’m glad this chapter is over, glad we can turn the page and focus on 2011-12.”

Bjork also gave his year-end report on athletics – for more on all of this, see Saturday’s Daily News.




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