On a personal note …

9 08 2011

When I began working at the Daily News in 2007 and eventually started this blog in 2009, I was clear to all involved that it was my goal to bring fans of Western Kentucky athletics the most honest, accurate and up-front coverage that I could possibly offer.

And sticking with that, I’d like to take another opportunity to be as honest with you as possible right now.

With hints of both sadness and excitement, I offered my two-week notice to the Daily News this morning as I have recently accepted a position as the University of Michigan basketball beat writer at AnnArbor.com in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Since 2007, Bowling Green and Warren County has been like a home to me. I’ve met so many phenomenal people during my time on the WKU beat, both inside and outside the playing arena – people that have treated me with great respect and kindness.

People I’ll never – ever – forget.

But, for me, the state of Michigan is home – even in the winter – and that just won’t ever change. And my new opportunity professionally was one that I simply couldn’t pass up.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone that’s ever read this blog, any story I’ve penned in print or interacted with me on Twitter – and to anyone that’s ever stopped me in passing to bend my ear, to give me a pat on the back, toss me some criticism or just say hello.

My job has always been to provide honest, fair and accurate coverage of the programs you care deeply about.

And I’m proud to say that I think we’ve accomplished that here.

It’s been a truly wonderful four-plus seasons here at the Daily News on the WKU beat – and while the future will offer change, I pledge to do my best to make the present as strong as ever.

I’ve got two more weeks with you here in Bowling Green, and I intend on giving you everything I have until that clock strikes zero.

So if you’ll excuse me, your Western Kentucky football program is in the midst of fall camp – and I’ve got practices left to cover.


Nick Baumgardner