Ex-WKU star Jim McDaniels calls for end to lockout, more NBA player protection

18 08 2011

Former Western Kentucky basketball star Jim McDaniels is unhappy with the current NBA lockout situation, and says that players need to be more protected.

McDaniels – through his attorney, Mike Breen – recently sent a letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern and to NBA Players Association Excecutive Director Billy Hunter calling for an end to the lockout, and a resumption of labor discussions.

“I’ve been watching the lockout and the tactics used by the NBA, and I’m very concerned,” McDaniels said in a statement.”When I played in the league in the 1970s players were frequently abused and taken advantage of. We have to be careful to prevent that from happening again. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others.”

More on the letter, per a release from Breen and McDaniels:

In the letter Mr. McDaniels tells how he had a six year guaranteed contract with the Seattle Sonics, but was fired by coach Bill Russell without reason. He also notes that young players are vulnerable to manipulation and abuse, and that many players had their careers ended prematurely by poor management.

“The hard cap proposal could leave many players in the same place I was when I played in the league,” McDaniels said. “Lots of players stand to lose out. We have to make sure that players are protected. The owners and the league need to end the lockout, and come to the table with realistic proposals.”