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25 06 2010

I just want to say I am so proud of my cousin Jeremy Evans, this has been a life long dream, and he made it! He truly deserves it, with all his hard work and dedication. I can’t wait to see my little cousin play in the NBA. Congrats Buddy….OTG! (lol)

31 10 2010
Brandon Smith

Hey Nick I was wondering if you could maybe do a story one Hilltopper all time greats and rank them. Like Willie T, Feix, Curtis Hamilton, Buster Ashley, etc…

Those guys I all feel were outstanding players. We dont speak much about our all time players but Wilie T and weve had some great players come through here. I know Curtis was drafted by the Chicago Bears i think and Buster Ashley was voted like lineman of the year when he played. But if you could do a story on them that would be great.


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